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From The Movie Network (1976):
"We Are In A Lot Of Trouble!"



"My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge"
Hosea 4:6

Charlie Chaplin Warned Us!
Hollywood's The Great Dictator













Educational Presentation For Large Widescreens
High-Resolution Recommended

Our Website Is A Constant Work-in-Progress.

This Is A 2-Week Emergency Immersion Course.
To Encourage Critical Thinking,
We Include Controversial Issues.
This Will Awake The Mind.
The Truth Is Hidden
Under Many Layers of Misinformation.
An In-Depth Research Is Needed.
Don't Be Passive, Be (Pro)Active.
911 Is The Event To Discuss
It Is Fresh In Our Memory.
It Shows The Disregard For
The Slaves' Intelligence By
The Pscychopathic Masters...


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Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "Fair Use" for purposes such as Criticism, Comment, News Reporting, Teaching, Scholarship, and Research.

"Fair Use" is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing.

Non-Profit, Educational or Personal Use tips the balance in favor of "Fair Use".



Their Masters Want Us
They Mislead & Setup Worthless Discussions
Result: 'We, The Slaves' Waist Time:
The 2012 Clock Is Ticking
Cure: Identify & Kick Out The Masters' Agents.


Summary: Highlights of This Website...
About Us: Who We Are
Foreword: Homage To Holocaust Victims
Preface: We Have A Dream
Background: The Glory Of The Beast: Warmongering
Holocausts of 666: Burnt Offerings of The Masters
Goals & Objectives: Stop Ongoing Holocausts & Prevent Future Ones
It Is Decision Time: Going Down The Rabbit Hole of 911...
The Beast: Who|What Is The Beast?
Nature of 666: War Crimes & Their War Criminals
The Key for 666: Making & Keeping The People Ignorant
The Tricks of 666: Illusionism, ReDirection, Confusion, Divide-&-Conquer, Decoys/Shills, False Flag Ops, Special Effects, Lies, etc
The Tools of 666: Mind-Conditioning, Propaganda, Hypnotism, Repression, Assassination, Black Ops, etc
The Words Game of 666: Mind-Conditioning Through Words Game
Secret Love of 666: Total Alienation With Radioactivity
The Scapegoats of 666: Religious People, Foreign Cultures, etc...
The Last Card for 666: The Fake ET Invasion - Hollywood Style...
The Puppets' Nature: The Pinocchio Syndrome: The Never-Ending Lying
The People's Nature: Mind-Conditioned To Not Heed The Warnings!
Conclusion: Suggested Actions
Special Links: Knowledgeable People Speak
Epilogue: Final Thoughts
Appendix: The Masters Love The Date 911
Appendix: Terminology Used
Appendix: Frequent Questions -
Appendix: Additional Suggested Videos
Appendix: JFK Conspiracy Success: Recipe for 911
Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web
Appendix: Powerful Hollywood Loves 911
Appendix: The Masters Love The Occult



Thinking has become increasingly dangerous in our self-proclaimed "Democratic Societies", where some individuals are more democratic than others (paraphrasing the famous phrase in the 1945 novel Animal Farm by the famous George Orwell). Orwell is best known by his 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the term Big Brother was used to characterize intense technological surveillance by a dictatorial government.


We are now at the beginning of April of 2012 and we believe that we have identified and confirmed all components of a Factual Conspiracy (i.e. not a Voodo Conspiracy). This Conspiracy is discussed in the Appendix for the Pyramidal Web. The World Government Conspiracy established through the UN. We must give full credit to those who have warned us many times for decades, both the living and the dead: Antony C. Sutton, Bill Cooper, Myron C. Fagan, Benjamin H. Freedman, Robert W. Welch, Jr., G. Edward Griffin, etc.

If the problem we try to discuss here was easy to understand and fix, we would have not allowed "The Coalition of The Willing" (i.e. the NWO armies) to carry out their Illegal Wars along with their War Crimes. These wars were based on lies that were aided-and-abetted by the NeoFascist NWO propaganda machine.

Below is a summary of what 'We, The Zombie Slaves' have been made to face.







Masterpiece Documentary





We believe that what has happened (and is still happening) is complex enough to be beyond the grasp of the simple, down-to-Earth people: those that The Masters consider Cattle or Sheeple (i.e. 'We, The Slaves'). However, we can summarize this Social Struggle as one between The Masters and The Slaves. The Masters are the ultra-filthy rich who own the world major resources and consist of a fraction of less than 1% of the world population. The Slaves are the rest whose majority is the exploited sectors of society, the ones who struggle daily for food and shelter.

We think that The Masters are behind everything of significance that has happened and that is happening today. The Masters are the ones that rig the games, the ones that set the Agendas, they are the Social Engineers, the Globalists, the ones who want a World Government with them at the helm of the ship. The Masters may be modeled (at least conceptually) according to the description of The Illuminati. In our Appendix The Beast's Pyramidal Web we discuss what is publicly known about this Secret Society. These individuals follow the traditions of those before them: the ones that exterminated civilizations in the recent written past (e.g. Native Americans from what they called The New World in 1492).

Therefore, The Masters recruit whoever is willing to help them out in their pursuit of World Domination (regardless of religion, ethnicity, political views, etc - i.e. they have no moral constraints). The individuals below them can be considered their Puppets and the ones below: The Puppets of The Puppets (and so on). The bottom of the Pyramid is made of descartable material: 'We, The Zombie Slaves', 'We, The Cattle', or 'We, The Sheeple'.

The Masters will use whatever technique necessary to achieve its goal(s). One of these techniques is the "Divide and Conquer". Thus, for example, if they believe that the ideologies or religions of Christianity, Zionism, Communism or Nazism, are good tools to manage the masses (toward their goals of course), they will promote whatever ideology necessary. Remember to check our Appendix: The Beast's Pyramidal Web.

We decided to be Graphic because it is the only way (short of taking the reader to the real War Crime scene) to provide an idea of the level of suffering that The Masters are imposing to The Peoples of The World.

Some mothers have told us that some of our "material is not appropriate for children". [You know, that old story that we can eat animals without caring how they are treated before they are 100% dead?] We agreed that the material reflects reality (supposed to be hidden from children) and replied: You are right: "How do you think the children (and their parents) in the invaded and destroyed countries feel?" They have to live with the atrocity of The Psychopathic Masters (aided-and-abetted by their Puppets and their Zombies) and with their unbearable calamity everyday (24/7/365) as they have no choice to change the channel or turn-off the TV (so to speak). We further add: "While you are doing Holiday Shopping, these peoples of the world (you consider lesser races) are trying to figure out what to do to survive another day."

Therefore, we can easily see that we have been Mind-Conditioned to turn-off our Ethics Channel when it is not convenient for The Masters. It has obviously worked for decades and still works.

We decided to be Ethical (as opposed to the absence of Ethics of The Masters and their Puppets - and we are polite here). Our Ethics is The Ethics that was established at the original United Nations (UN), an organization that is now a tool of the NeoFascists (aka NeoCons) controling the governments of the US and Allies. Let us not forget that the original UN Ethics was the same used by the International Criminal Court against Hitler and his comrads to raise all the Propaganda against War Crimes (never against our own War Criminals and Dictators). [ Note: Some individuals have critized our use of the term NeoFascist as a substitute for NeoCon. We refer those sharing this concept to Wikipedia definition of Fascism. A Fascist is a practicioner of Fascism. Thus, although the more adequate term for NeoCons is Fascists, to keep up with the Propaganda Machine of The Masters we use the term NeoFascist (Neo=New), which reflects a New-and-Improved form of Fascist.]

Finally, we realize that many readers will feel adversion towards our philosophy. Some would do it out of mind-conditioning, others would do it out of simple warmongering and megalomaniac-imperialistic ambitions. To these readers we do not apologize. They can continue watching their preferred NeoFascist TV News Puppets led by their Poster Boy Bill O'Reilly. The so-called "Fair-and-Balanced" journalist that tells to "Shut Up" to those who do not support his Masters.

Destroying The Constitution?!

The People Had Enough!
People Are Waking Up!
Occupy Wall Street!

The Psychopathic Masters Control
The NeoFascist Media

The Masters' NeoFascist Media Whores
An In-Depth Analysis (3 hour)
Highly Recommended


We are a group of retired academic scientists, teachers and scholars who have decided to contribute to the fight against the insatiable Warmongering thirst of a small but powerful group of individuals in our society: The Top of Social Classes known as The Masters.

We believe that the events of 911 as well as those that preceeded and followed them have uncanny parallels to those reported for The JFK Assassination Conspiracy Plot (i.e. not unproven Theory) of November 22 of 1963 (a plot that effectively resulted in the Fascist Overthrow of The Government). These parallels between the JFK and 991 Conspiracies reivindicate the fight of those who warned us that if we did not clarify the JFK assassination plot we were guaranteeing a future catastrophe. That The Masters have been plotting to take over has been publicly known since the distinguished Major General Smedley Butler denounced the Fascist Plot (organized by The Masters) to take over the government in the 1930s.

What seems common in all progressive presentations that we watch and read is that everyone who criticizes The People does not comment on how to fix The Problem.

This is why we believe that it is necessary to change the way the information is being transmitted to The People. This is what is called Educational Methodology.

For this purpose we will use the technology that has little control by the government: The Internet. We note, however, that it is certain that The Masters have tried and will continue its efforts to control The Internet Freedom. It almost appears that they envy the track record of their partner: Communist China. Until that day, we will do our best to inform The People. Check the clips below.

Masters & Puppets Attack
Internet Freedom


The use of Internet tools for protecting IDs is recommended (although not 100% guaranteed). Remember that we are now in the George Orwell's Big Brother state (see novel 1984).

In the Internet we also have: Misinformation, Confusing Information (different groups saying different things), Diversionist/Re-Directing Information (i.e. issues that are not paramount to the moment such as Porn, Music & Movie Stars, etc), Diversionist/Re-Directing Activities (e.g. Single- & Multi-Player Video Games, Gambling, Porn, Chatting About Non-Issues, etc). As we have mentioned, the Internet have everything we need to distract us from the Issues that are really relevant to our lives and to train in the realm of Warmongering Megalomania. We have been given The Drug and now we are hooked on it. We behave like Drug Addicts. Therefore, we need Intervention for a Cure of this Illness of The Mind (i.e. Mind-Conditioning that allows Mind-Control).

Below are some video clips filmed by our Brave Soldiers. Please, note that while we repudiate these actions, we use these clips to illustrate the power of Mind-Conditioning. That is, we understand that these individuals are behaving following patterns embedded into their minds. This issue is discussed in our section The Key for 666. Briefly, the good training of these soldiers show that if they are able to show this sadistic disrespect for animals, why should we expect that they would show any respect for the human lives of the Iraquis, Afghans, etc, who they consider lesser (even sub-human) races? Let us remember the infamous My Lai Massacre carried out in 1968 by American Soldiers on defenseless Vietnamese civilians. This massacre was covered up by our prestigious General Colin Powell. We have many others. Among them is the 2007 infamous Massacre carried out by American Soldiers on Iraqui civilians (courtesy of Weakyleaks).


To start learning how we have fallen into the hands of The Masters, we ask the reader to pay close attention to an Expert in Mind-Conditioning (aka Brainwashing) of The People.

Russian Spy Compliments
The Masters for
Successful Brainwashing of
The People.


We want to plant the seed of knowledge by planting the seed of curiosity. Some of the authors of this website have lived under dictatorships. Under those regimes, one if forced to admit that "the sky is green" instead of "the sky is blue" because the dictators always find a justification for their propositions. Thus, for example, we are told that we are not shown the photo of the plane that hit the Pentagon on 911 for "National Security" or because there is "no tape" of the tens of cameras that were functioning that day. We are told that the nose of the Flying Object that hit the South Tower (of the World Trade Center or WTC 2) remained intact because "Aluminum Passes Through Steel Without Problem" ("Trust us") and so on...

The situation we are living today resembles the famous short novel Animal Farm of the famous writer George Orwell. In Animal Farm, the chicken started to walk in 4 limbs by adding their 2 wings to their 2 legs. The reason was simple... Their leaders (the pigs) had stated that 2-legged creatures are enemies. The exact commandment was:

"Four Legs Good,
Two Legs Bad"

For us, it is the context of the word "Jew" that makes the term offensive. The same argument used by Google about "Jew" could be said about the words "Arab", "Negro", "Hispanic", "Italian", "Irish", etc. Would Google tell us that the terms 'Arabish People', Negroish People', 'Hispanish People', etc, are more appropriate (and thus we are forced to use them)? The great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King used all of the above words that are today criticized by the mind-bending apparatus of The Masters (aka the Luciferians Illuminati).

Therefore, we believe that this proposition about reformulating the language is another demonstration by The Masters on the Dominance they exert on 'We, The Zombie Slaves'). It goes well with the comments made by our Great Leaders that we should not question the Official Conspiracy Theory given by them to 'We, The Zombie Slaves'.

This is the same rationale why we stopped calling Radioactive Waste by its name and started calling it (when used for Warmongering) by its more commercially appealing term DULLRAM (for Depleted Uranium Low-Level Radio-Active Material). The Masters then made an even more deceitful change to "Depleted Uranium" or DU. In this new version, DU poses no hazard whatsoever (when used against the enemy). However, if you are caught with DU, you will suffer the power of the law.

Guess that, since the Bill of Rights and Constitution are all but extinct, the next target of Big Brother is Language. Funny that the word Holocaust did not bring any message from Google.

Our Point is: that the following idea (still in the public domain) is true:

"Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

As in any dictatorship, the public should be afraid of what to say. Saying the non-approved word will lead you to an intimate knowledge of FEMAish Camps. By the way, also listening to those words will give you a free ticket to the Camps (if not reported to the authorities). The reason is that you will be an accomplice of the crime of uttering the wrong word. Sounds silly? Read History and learn what is waiting for 'We, The Zombies'.




911 Triggered The Beginning Of The End For Our Civil Liberties and Our Hopes For A Better World. Following 911, the Warmongering Megalomaniac and Psychopathic Ambitions of The Masters escalated rapidly. It was all planned and we ask the reader to study history to see that our conclusion is shared my countless others (including former government agents). We invite you to watch the following documentaries on the topic.


You Know You Are Mind-Conditioned to Warmongering When You Support
(Consciously or Unconsciously):

1. Imperialistic & Criminal Wars
2. War Crimes & War Criminals
3. Warmongering & Criminal Ideology
4. Warmongering Entertainment (Without Warnings)
5. Racism, Discrimination & Bigotry

We are a group of scientists, teachers and scholars, experienced in areas directly and indirectly related to the topic at hand.

Warmongering, the actions of Warmongers, has existed for as long as Human Beings formed groups and fought for territories and goods. That is, as seen in some social animal species, Warmongering is intrinsic to animals and has been happening for thousands of years.

It is said that Humans, who are scientifically called Homo Sapiens (from the Latin Homo=Human and Sapiens=Wise, Knowledgeable or Knowing), are at the top of all the known animal species.

Unfortunately, our current predicament puts in doubt the 2nd part (Sapiens) of the scientific term for Humans (Homo Sapiens). This Wisdom should not work against us and indeed it is working against us because we have rendered all our powers to The Masters.

With the progress of Human Societies, Warmongers became more powerful, more cunning and, therefore, more dangerous to Humanity and to The World.

The Warmonguering Megalomaniacs (WM) take advantage, and thus promote (by all means possible) the Ignorance of the disadvantaged individuals of Society (the majority of The People but particularly The Poor) whose only concern is to enjoy Life after taking care of their basic needs.

Knowledge of how The Masters view themselves in Society has always been a priority for The Masters. This knowledge is what has secured their success. Their understanding of Society Structure and Function has assured them the subjugation of The People: The Lower Class Of Society: The Disadvantaged. If we were to make an analogy between Society and a Totem Pole, then "We, The People", The Lower Class, goes to The Bottom of The Totem Pole and The Masters go to The Very Top.

Therefore, it follows that in order to counter the current WM offensive of The Masters, we must know what is the process(es) or technique(s) used to drag us into this perilous situation by The Masters.

Individuals within Societies have been grouped into Social Classes. The 2 major opposite classes were: The Masters (The Top of The Upper Class) and The People or The Lower or Working Class. Those who are in between the Upper and Lower Classes are grouped into what is known as: The Middle Class.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution over 200 years ago, the difference between the 2 main Social Classes became more accentuated and we started seeing large-scale wars that became known as The First and The Second World Wars (WW1 and WW2 - we do not use Roman numerals to avoid confusion in individuals with minimal or no education). Thus, with progress, the Warmongering Megalomaniacs (WM) in Power (WMP), serving The Masters, became more successul in promoting larger and more death-efficient wars to produce them greater benefits. Obviously, the WMP do not care about the consequences of their actions on The People.

What prompted us to urgently develop this website is the alarming rate of Global Destruction caused by Warmongering. We wondered:

Why is it that the energy of The People has been Directed/Focused into Issues that have no immediate urgency?

Examples of Wasted Human Energy and Intellect include the (in)famous Global Warming issue (now proven to be a devious plan of The Masters). Get a paper and pencil and calculate the amount of Human and Material Resources put into this. All the while The Masters were dispersing Radioactive Waste (Depleted Uranium or DU) around The World. The consequences of DU dispersal has been disastrous, particularly for the Iraqui People. However, as the winds and sand storms move the radioactivity to other countries, The Peoples of other countries have begun to take notice. As the popular expression says: "Better late than never".


The New Roman Empire: The New World Order (NWO), has engaged its Multi-National Army: NATO, in the spreading of Harmful Radioactive Waste all over the World. This Hazardous Material has been introduced to the world (by The Masters and their Propaganda Whores), under the deceitfully innocuous brand name of Depleted Uranium or DU. Indeed, DU was previously known as DULLRAM for DU Low-Level Radioactive Material. Certain areas of Iraq now show Radioactivity Levels 10 times higher than those measured in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the US dropped Atomic Bombs (on civilian population). Genetic deformities are appearing all over. Powerful Images have been posted in Internet (search term: Depleted Uranium DU Babies). We give a few examples in our website. Some of the supporters of DU weapons argue that the genetic problems results from the fact that The Iraqui People are dirty and do not follow proper hygienic practices. Incredible! Only individuals without Knowledge (i.e. with Ignorance) will accept that argument.

We believe that the agenda of the NWO is very dangerous to The Peoples of The World and that the results of it have reached Alarming Levels and will get even worse.

Given the critical state of the situation, we have developed this website to educate the largest number of individuals all over the world. For this reason, we try to avoid complex language and whenever used, the reader can avoid it without missing the main message.

Warmongering is a result of the exploitation by The Masters of a Natural (Primitive or Basic) Instinct readily available in each and every Human Being.

Warmongering is successful because of the Ignorance under which The People is maintained. This is a clear requirement for The Masters to succeed. However, The Masters required that The Mind of The People be conditioned to accept their Commands, however illogical they may be.

Mind-Modification and subsequent Mind-Control of The People by The Masters. This deadly combination is further enhanced by the Ignorance of The People (which The Media promotes). The Mind-Modification is most successful when The Master combine socio-economical and political conditions (e.g. Economical Crisis, False Flag Operations, etc) with Triggers for Conditioned Behavior. These proven Mind-Control techniques are exploited by The Masters through their Puppets: The Servile Politicians & The Media (who only think of their comfort at the expense of The People). These Talking Heads beat the drums of wars so that The People willingly and happily dies for The Masters' World Conquering Ambitions: The New World Order (NWO).

Ignorance facilitate The People being taken to the Slaughterhouses (i.e. Wars) while happily singing their National Anthem and proudly Rising and Waving Their Flag. Thus, the word Sheeple (used by the late Bill Cooper - who warned us about 911) seems appropriate.

The Masters achieve their Goals at the expense of The People.

Partners in Crime Sadly, unaware of Reality, The People becomes an effective partner of The Masters. This happens because The People provides all the support that The Masters need. This support may be divided in the following groups. 1-Financial: Taxes, Spiraling Money Borrowing, etc, fund a criminal and unconstitutional government. 2-Political: Bills that violate The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. 3-Judicial: Laws and Activities that violate The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. 4-National Security, Intelligence-Spionage, Defense, etc: Spiraling Disappearance of Trillions of Dollars for activities that violate The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. 5-Human Resources: Physical participation as workers and soldiers of The War Racket.

This Universal Law of Cause-and-Effect, proven since antiquity for The Relationship Between Mind-Conditioning-&-Control and Warmongering has been and is still astutely used by The Masters for World Domination through Empire Engineering (i.e. New World Order) at the expense of The People.

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The 10 Steps To Totalitarianism


Alex Abella
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The Secret Organization That Rules
A Satire Of The Truth


What If We Don't Wake Up in 2012?!


"In A Time Of Universal Deceit...
Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act"



From The Movie Network (1976)

"We Are In A Lot Of Trouble!"

"The Primal Forces of Nature!"

"I Want You To Get Mad!"

The Radioactive Waste ( DU ) Song


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