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We started this new section on the first week of January of 2012... We felt compelled to do this due to the large amount of material that seems to point towards a connection with Hollywood. We do not have enough evidence to conclude that Hollywood played a part in 911 but we do have enough evidence to conclude that some individuals knew a Tsunami was coming...

Furthermore, after listening to Aaron Russo's description of his conversations with The Rockefellers, we feel that others like him may have had similar types of information but that they were scared to let the public know as they feared for their lives.


Although witholding information that would prevent the murder of thousands of innocent civilians does not go well with the general public, we must recognize that we have been mind-conditioned to give priority to The Self (aka Me) over The Society. On the opposite extreme of this mind-conditioning giving priority to The Self, we have mind-conditioning that leads to individuals sacrificing their lives for The Society.

This phenomenon is something that The Royal Elites of The World have known for centuries. Good speeches are sufficient to put people in a Trance State and commit Suicidal Heroic Acts for the good of The Country (Empire, Kingdom, Village, Secret Organization, etc). Well-known examples of such mind-conditioning are the Suicide Bombers of World Wars 1 and 2 (WW1 & WW2), kamikazes of WW2 and other Suicide Attackers throughout History (soldiers, militia, samurais, ninjas, etc). Well-spoken leaders, nice-looking flags, glorious national anthems (substitutes for tribal drum beats), etc, are excellent tools to prepare the people, specially the inexperienced young, to commit suicide for the good of a cause. This is the basis used by The Puppet Masters to select a leader of a country. There are obvious exceptions to the rule. That is, if the Masters think that it is time to place in high places imbecil-acting persons, then it is the turn for them to do so (with the aiding-and-abetting Propaganda Machine).

We begin by giving an image of the amulet conceived by the Hollywood producers of the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, released in the middle of June of 2001. The main character is played by Angelina Jolie - who happens to be the daughter of John Voight (who played the main bad guy in the 1998 movie Enemy of The State discussed below). We encourage the reader to search for examples in the Entertainment Industry that make direct (but brief) reference to Symbols for 911 and/or Illuminati.

We expect that the reader, like us, will gain new insight into this phenomenon and start paying attention to what is presented to us by The Media. We think that the symbols that Hollywood use in their films, shows, etc, are included as a subtle whistle-blowing, a subtle communication, and/or a subtle signature of the author (aimed at those who are able to recognize the signature - typically, those in Secret Societies). For information on the structure and function of the Puppet Masters, check the Appendix on The Beast's Pyramidal Web.


Below, we give a short list of clips fron Hollywood movies and episodes taken from a longer list of clips published in YouTube. Among these clips, the one for the 1998 movie Enemy of The State seems to be the most shocking as it points to the Rogue Faction in the Government that can perpetrate and coordinate terrorist attacks. Of course, we believe that they still have Masters. The movie Enemy of The State contains messages that "fly under the radar". Thus, for example, it is patently mentioned: September 11th and the date is associated with the Rogue Head of The Group, played by John Voight. Anyone who is into computer analysis of databases (aka Datamining like in Abel Danger) would be stimulated to search the Directors, Producers, Writers, etc, of the film to determine Why did they choose that date?!. Datamining, by the way, is shown in the movie Enemy of The State. As far as we know, nobody has bothered to look into this or talked about this coincidence. We are grateful to the uploaders of these clips because their research confirms our suspicions that an Evil Group of individuals (that we will call Illuminati for the sake of simplicity) have been working behind the scenes for a long time. [ NOTE: We could have created a new name but we think that this is irrelevant at the moment. Furthermore, Hollywood has been promoting the Illuminati symbols since 911. Thus, our usage of the word Illuminati seems justified. ]

We believe that references to the number 911 by Hollywood-associated professionals (prior to 911 of 2001) demonstrate a knowledge of the significance of this number. According to Numerologists (who work in Numerology: Esoteric Line of Work), "9-11 is the Numerological Challenge of God." Remember to check our Appendix The Beast's Pyramidal Web for a discussion of Secret Societies, Occult, etc, and its relationship to 911.




1970: Movie: Land Of The Giants: Doomsday


1983: Movie: Trading Places


1984: Movie: Christine


1984: Movie: Johnny Dangerously


1984: Movie: Gremlins


1985: Movie: Rambo 2


1985: Movie: Back To The Future


1987: Movie: Manequin


1987: Movie: Beverly Hills Cop 2


1988: Movie: Die Hard


1990: Movie: The Handmaid's Tale
Upside-Down 911


1990: Movie: Ernest Goes To Jail


1990: Movie: Gremlins 2


1991: Movie: GHW Bush: State of The Union Address


1991: Movie: Problem Child 2


1991: Movie: Terminator 2: Judgement Day


1993: Movie: Super Mario Brothers 2


1994: Movie: The Crow


1994: Movie: True Lies
"Jumps from Page 9 to Page 11"
"Where is Page 10?"

= Satanic-Lucifer Worship


1996: Movie: Independence Day
(Consecutive Scenes)

911_Hollywood_Warnings_Independence_Day_1996_01 911_Hollywood_Warnings_Independence_Day_1996_02

1996: Movie: The Long Kiss Goodnight


1996: Movie: The Juror


1996: Movie: A Time To Kill


1997: Episode: The Simpsons: New York City vs Homer Simpson


1997: Movie: Face Off


1997: Movie: LA Confidential


1997: Music Album: Michael Jackson


1997: Movie: The Peacemaker


1998: Movie: The Big Lebowski


1998: Episode: X-Files: Kitsunegari


1998: Movie: Godzilla


1998: Movie: Enemy Of The State
Born On September 11th


1999: Movie: The Matrix


1999: Movie: The Thirteenth Floor


1999: Movie: Fight Club


2000: Episode: X-Files: En Ami


2000: Movie: Traffic


2000: Movie: The Patriot
Mel Gibson: "9 Pounds & 11 Ounces"


2000: Movie: The 6th Day


2001: Episode: X-Files: The Long Gunmen
Pilot Episode in March


2001: June Movie: Kissing Jessica Stein
(Consecutive Scenes)

911_Hollywood_Warnings_Kissing_Jessica_Stein_2001_01 911_Hollywood_Warnings_Kissing_Jessica_Stein_2001_02

2001: Album: Party Music by Coup (September)
Delayed 2 Months Due to 911


Another Look At 911

Hollywood's Best Speech

Children Mind-Conditioning


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