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We started this section on the Eve of 2012... We feel that we have gathered sufficient information to provide credible educational account of an organization that can be conceived as a living system stretching in many directions and throughout time [as far as Recorded History (Oral and Written) lets us know].

Our progressive learning in the area of Secret Societies has led us to important and relevant knowledge in the area of the Occult. Thus, an example of our ignorance in this area is our learning of the use of the term Bee Hive to encompass all secret organizations working for The World Empire.

Given the fact that the leaders of Secret Societies use the Occult to manipulate their members and their agendas, we created in late March of 2012 a new webpage for the Occult: Appendix: The Masters Love The Occult. Note that, although these sections are connected, we believe that we facilitate the reading (and thus the learning) by making such divisions. This approach follows the concept of studying the body structure and function in sections such as: Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Gastrointestinal System, Endocrine, Blood, etc. They are all related because the body is a whole.

Below we give a taste of the relevance of the Occult (since the Middle Age) in the The Masters' Plan for A World Empire.



We are in April of 2012. Despite the fact that, initially, we were initially very skeptical, we have come to the conclusion that we have to agree with those who have devoted a great deal of time (decades) to the subject. Essentially, The Masters' goal is the UN-Based One World Dictatorship. Like any Dictatorship, it consists of a Totalitarian Government no different from Stalin's or Mao's Communism or Hitler's Nazism. Three facts demonstrate this concept. First, our Nobel Peace Prize Laureate President already forfeited his Presidential duties the day he presided over the UN (look it up). Second, he already announced that Congress was too slow and that he would issue an Executive Order every week in order to achieve his goals (i.e. ignoring The Constitution). Third, he has already stated that The Constitution is an outdated document.

Some researchers trace the origin of the New World Order (NWO) back to ancient civilizations such as Pharaonic Egypt and Babylon (current Iraq). There exists an anti-religious explanation (i.e. falling under what Philosophy calls Materialism=No God) click here.

Below we give the best Organizational Pyramid Diagram that we have found for the description of The Beast. Remember, that the words Illuminati, Lucifer, Satan, etc, can be exchanged for whatever is useful to track the characters in our Theatrical Tragedy Plot (the ones given seem better than A, B, C, etc). To give credit to the creators of the chart, we give a link for their YouTube channel.


Below we give an example of the use of the latest Subliminal Message spread throughout the world: The 2012 London Olympics logo. Discussion of other symbolisms, secret societies, etc, follow.


We continue our discussion by giving an image of the amulet conceived by the Hollywood producers of the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, released in the middle of June of 2001. The connection between Hollywood and 911 is documented in a separate section: Appendix: Hollywood. Now it seems too far fetched... However, we encourage the reader to search for examples in the Entertainment Industry that make direct (but brief) reference to Symbols for 911 and/or Illuminati. Note that we are no experts in the area of Illuminati or Occult. Therefore, we can only make references to work that we consider serious from a professional point of view.

We believe that the term Illuminati, when used within a pragmatic framework, serves to point to a secretive group of individuals (not necessarily with the same social and ethnic origins) who are in charge of The Dictatorial Agenda of the so-called New World Order (NWO). The importance of Hollywood in documenting Conspiracy was brought to public attention by our good patriot Aaron Russo, a Hollywood Producer of Jewish heritage. We expect that the reader, like us, will gain new insight into this phenomenon and start paying attention to what is presented to us by The Media (entertainment or not). We think that these symbols are included as either a subtle whistle-blowing, a communication, and/or a signature of the author (aimed at those who are able to recognize the signature - typically, those in Secret Societies).


Our work is partly based on the presentations by 3 non-anonymous individuals who appear to have either direct or substantial knowledge on the issue. The 1st is John Todd (an alleged former Illuminati). The 2nd is John Coleman (an alleged former MI6 - British Spy Agency whose official name is Secret Intelligence Service or SIS). The 3rd is Fritz Springmeier (an outspoken critic of The Illuminati who has paid with 8 years of jail time). Mr. Springmeir has given video interviews, one of which is accessible by clicking the following image of his revealing book on The Illuminati. Fritz Springmeier has also given a testimonial on the credibility of John Todd (click here).


We think that the information provided by a 4th anonymous individual, a lady that goes by the pseudonym of Svali, may be relevant. We encourage the reader to check Todd's and Coleman's testimonies on The Illuminati by clicking these links: Todd's Presentation and Coleman's Presentation.

Webpages regarding the testimony of the non-identified Svali are given below.

Ex-Illuminati Svali discusses Illuminati's:
European Roots and NWO Conspiracy

Note that, although we do not subscribe 100% to these presentations (because we are yet to do an in-depth research on the matter), we believe that there are important concepts in them that help visualize the characteristics of The Illuminati (as we are able imagine them - without having practiced The Occult or belonged to a Secret Society).

Some visualize the structure of this organization as a Pyramid. Others view it as a Web. On the evidence we have seen so far (particularly from the above citations), we think that this complex structure can be imagined as a combination of both: A 3-Dimensional Web Pyramid. This structure can be equated to The Illuminati Pyramid (see below).

This model follows the concept of the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. This Secret Organization, let us call it Illuminati for simplicity (other names can be found), uses Egyptian symbolism such as Pyramids, Obelisks and The All-Seeing-Eye and/or The Eye of Horus. The Secret Society known as The Illuminati was founded on May 1st of 1776. Two interesting observations come to mind. First, 1776 was the year that the 13 British Colonies declared their Independence from The British Empire (although some argue that Britain still has say on US affairs). Second, May 1st was and/or still is The Workers' Day in many countries, a sort of Holiday in most countries from the old communist block (where big parades took place).

The most cited Secret Society behind the major movements in the world is The Bavarian Illuminati. Below we give the first documentary that sheds light (pardon the punt) on this Secret Society. Click image to watch the documentary.

The Bavarian Order Of The Illuminati
Their Concept Of The New World Order (1776)


Below we give two additional clips on the Original Illuminati as a registered Secret Society: The Bavarian Illuminati. The reader must compare the contents of this documentary with those given above.



Illuminati-The Cult That Hijacked The World (2008) - Henry Makow

The Cap Stone or Top of The Pyramid is said to consist of members of the original 13 Families. Part of the story is given here. Below we give some of the symbols attributed to The Illuminati.

Illuminati_One_Dollar_Bill_01 Illuminati_Pyramid_03 Eye_Of_Horus_01

A very informative satire of the Illuminati is offered by the short clip Illumicorp (given below). The viewer has to have some basic concepts about the Illuminati to understand the precise meaning of the message of this well done parody. Therefore, additional viewings are suggested only when additional knowledge has acummulated.


There are websites (both secular and religious) dedicated to analyzing The Illuminati Conspiracy. Thus, we have the website of Domen Kert with the following interesting webpages:

What seems important is that The Conspirators of The Elite do have a Belief System that appears to coincide with those of Satanic and/or Luciferian Worshipers (as revealed by studies and documentaries on The Bohemian Grove).

Note that clicking the leftmost image below links to a YouTube clip with Japan Princess and Italian Prince. At the end of the clip, we find the following revealing statement from a broadcast of CNBC (a TV channel dedicated to business) regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster:

"The Human Toll here
looks to be much worse than
The Economic Toll and
we can be grateful for that."

Illuminati_Pyramid_01 Illuminati_Pyramid_02
Masons_of_Murder_01 Illuminati_Pyramid_Blue_01

Since we look for motives, signs, etc, such as the significance of the numbers 9 and 11, we have been digging for information on 911, 9+11, 9 & 11, etc. That is, we have been trying to figure out what do 9-11 and September 11th would mean for the Warmongering Megalomaniacs in Power (WMP) that Conspired in the 911 events and afterwards. [Note: Remember, we consider these individuals 33-Degree Psychopaths.] Those versed in the Occult have explained that 9-11 implies Satanic or Luciferian Cult: Challenge or Blasphemy of The God of The Christians, The Jews and The Muslims. This Blasphemy is said to be carried out by those worshiping Egyptian gods. Therefore, it should not be surprising to consider that these individuals may follow The Egyptian or Alexandrian Calendar. September 11th may be an extremely significant date to "kick-off" (so to speak) The Empire of The New World Order (NWO). Not only do The Conspirators start their NWO Agenda on the 1st day of their 'Fiscal' Year but they also sign their 'Greeting Card' with their Blasphemy of God. Click here for a review of what Bill Cooper taught his audience about 911.

September 11th is The 1st Day of The Year According to The Calendar of Alexander (period 1900-2099 AD). Here, the name Alexander refers to the Famous Alexander The Great. [Note: Alexander is considered Infamous by those who were on the receiving side of the stick. Do not forget: History is written by The Victors]. Egypt was one of the countries/regions conquered by Alexander. The great city of Alexandria was created, and made capital of Egypt, around 331 BC by Emperor Alexander. Alexandria remained the capital of Egypt until the Muslim Conquest in AD 641.

The other interesting point is that Egypt follows this Alexandrian Calendar and the symbols of Egypt (e.g. pyramids and obelisk) are admired/worshiped by major governments e.g. US, UK, Vatican) and secret societies (e.g. Skull & Bones, Free-Masons).

The Feast of Nayrouz|Neyrouz marks the 1st Day of the Year according to Alexander. The Feast commemorates the Martyrs and Confessors.

Secrets of the Kabbalah
Meaning of 9-11 in Kabbalah


The Kabbalah Sefirot & 9-11
There are only 10 aspects of the Deity.
Jumping from 9 to 11 ignores 10.
It Is Blasphemy To Our God.
To Illuminati, It Is Triumph Over God.
*** God Destroyed By Illuminati = NWO ***
WTC1 + WTC2 + WTC7 = WTC10


3 Additional Secret Societies of Importance
Skull & Bones,
The Bilderberg Group and
The Council of Foreign Relations


REMINDER: We Were Warned!

Myron C. Fagan on The Illuminati


Fagan's References

Transcript of Above 1967 Recording: The Illuminati Agenda (Best Historical Overview Yet)
Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe

27/4/1961: JFK's Secret Societies Speech
17/4/1961: CIA-Planned Invasion of Cuba

Bill Cooper Predictions: 911 & 2012

*** The Vatican Controversies ***
Be Critical (Essential for Learning)

A Lamp in The Dark_01





Compendium On The String Pullers


The Bohemian Grove Club

The NWO Religion ( Plan A )


The NWO Religion ( Plan B )


Mind-Conditioning for The NWO Religion




The NWO Last Card for
The NWO Religion

The NWO Spiritual Inspiration
Megalomaniacs' Paradise

They Are In Plain Sight.
'We, The Zombies'
Don't Get It.
The Masonic States of America




The following documentary is extremely revealing. However, because its long duration (near 9 hours), we ask the reader to find time to learn about the Secret Societies that underlie the mechanisms of The Beast. After studying this educational documentary, it is easy to understand now the constant reference by Bill Cooper to Luciferians as the (i.e. those who worship the Sun). Like comedian George Carlin alluded to: We have been deceived folks (PG-18 - Foul Language). "The table is tilted folks. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care."



The link between The Masters and Terrorist Organizations has been discussed in a Book and in a French documentary given below.


For more information, please click on the image below for the Masonic Lodge of Education.


Do They Worship Baphomet?!
If So, What Does It Mean For Us?


The Luciferians Little Helper


The Illuminati Game Card
A Message From A Whistle-Blower?


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